written by Arianna Cecconi and Tuia Cherici, realised by Tuia Cherici (2015)
17min film documentary on Arianna Cecconi's ethnography in the northern districts of Marseille in the frame of Cecconi and Cherici's residence at IMéRA (Institute for Advanced Study, Marseille-Aix University)
Premiered in the exhibition "Oniroscope: texte et texture du rêve nocturne" (2nd april/26th june 2015) at the "Pressing" gallery in La Seyne-sur-Mer

music by Matthew Daher, videoclip by Tuia Cherici (2014)
6 min handmade live and stop motion of organic and non organic items
The first edited version was re-animated by projection on different surfaces, filmed through different lenses and re-edited in accordance with the specific obtained image's textures .
Premiered at DLECTRICITY Nuit Blanche Detroit 2014 

music by Bad News Of Houston, videoclip by Tuia Cherici (2013) 
produced and distributed by Post-Consumer Records (Oakland, CA)

52 min Documentary film by Tuia Cherici (2012) 
liner notes by Terry Riley, interviews with Terry Riley, Joan Jeanrenaud, Maurice Rousteau, Claire Moser, Stefano Scodanibbio, Thollem Mc Donas, Edoardo Ricci, Jacopo Andreini. Includes videos by David Latreille and Peter Sparling. Produced by Thollem Mc Donas 

music by Stefano Scodanibbio and Thollem McDonas, videoclip by Tuia Cherici (2010)
produced by Thollem McDonas and distributed by Die Schachtel (Italy)

music by Tuia Cherici and Edoardo Ricci, video by Tuia Cherici (2010)
10 min stop-motion, autoproduced awarded price "L'Occhio Insonne"   at "Festival di Poesia Civile"  in Vercelli (I) (2011)

52min stop-motion movie, (miniDv, S-vhs and super8)  
by Gregory Petitqueux and Tuia Cherici music by Danilo Casti (2005)
distributed by Nomadica (Italy)