what i do

I create videos using handcraft techniques of stop-motion, projection, and objects' manipulation. The whole process of creation (scenario, set construction, animation, shooting and editing) i do in a small space using a miniDv camera,  a projector, one lap-top. Most of their contents result from my fascination with experienced dreams  and puzzling mental images associations inspired by everyday materials. Music, free improvised or composed by musicians i have a deep relationship with, constitutes often the leading thread of my inspiration.
Besides producing videoclips, movies and documentaires, my  practise extend to appproach more directly its audience and partners through the cinematic apparatus i call "Manucinema".

MANUCINEMA: an improvisational videomaking practice

Manucinema is  a performance of  film-making completely realised in the presence of audience. I manipulate a set of objects while projecting  in real-time the results on a big screen. Manucinema  interacts with other improvising actors  (musicians, dancers, performers..) as same as with the environment (place, audience, immediate situation).
I developed Manucinema within the last 10 years with the following aims:

To be able to share with an audience a whole process of creating  new images which is deliberately improvised and participated.

To associate concrete life's objects and play the complexity of their qualities: objects' textures, affection, history, use, shape, color, size, movement, behaviors, symbolic power.

To share with a group of people the rise of unexpected new meanings and images revealed by objects manipulation and the experience of unusual viewpoints on matters

To dig into the multiple relationships that personal and collective imagery establish with objects' appearance and association

A sustainable approach to video making which can be realised within all kinds of environments and people by using a very basic technology.

with Connie Bauer and Miriam Siebesntaedt

with Connie Bauer and Miriam Siebesntaedt