Manucinema is a visual and music performance. It's about creating in the presence of audience a real-time animation film. Tuia manipulates objects, handcrafts, liquids, powders and her videocamera while projecting on wide screen an ongoing animation film which is totally improvised, in interaction with live music improvisers. See the video below to get more information

Tuia Cherici and Masahiko Ueji,
 vídeo: Josep M. Jordana

, 2017 - 47.25 min
13 desembre 2016, Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona
click here to see the video:  PERFORMANCE MANUCINEMA - version integral - FLUX Festival Barcelona


MANUCINEMA performance from Tuia Cherici on Vimeo.
Manucinema is  a performance of  film-making completely realized in the presence of audience. I manipulate and film a set of objects while projecting  in real-time the results on a big screen. 

Object's animation, and the interaction with other actors, musicians, dancers, is totally improvised.
I developed Manucinema within the last 10 years with the following aims:

To be able to share with an audience a whole process of creating  new images which is deliberately improvised and participated.

To associate concrete life's objects and play the complexity of their qualities: objects' textures, affection, history, use, shape, color, size, movement, behaviors, symbolic power.

To dig into the multiple relationships that personal and collective imagery establish with objects' appearance and association

A sustainable approach to video making which can be done within all kinds of environments and people by means of a very basic technology.

i select small objects (organics and food, recycling materials, selfmade sculptures and paintings, pictures, book´s pages, liquids, juices, natural colors, deforming lenses, optics, glasses,selfmade tools...) i dispose them on a surface in front of my camera and manipulate them  while projecting in real-time.
That method anables me to improvise and interact  with musicians, dancers, and every sort of environment.

Objects of Manucinema change from performance to performance, and they are choosen for their potential performative power: there are objects that suggest special movements (gelatines, springs, magnetes, puppets, tissues, lamps, textures,etc) there are objects able to transform other objects (liquids, lens, cutters, powders, etc), there are objects with a deep story (photos, textes, gadgets, pictures, sculptures, relics, toys) or significant function .