Interdisciplinary research project on sleep & society 
in collaboration with
Arianna Cecconi - anthropologist
Fréderique Fabre - psychologist
Dr. Marc Rey - neurologist and director of the department of Sleep's desorders centre at Timone Hospital (Centre du Sommeil Hôpital de la Timone, Marseille)

ONIROSCOPE: Crossdisciplinary lookout on night dreams

participative performance on a night-dreams sharing
in collaboration with anthropologist ARIANNA CECCONI
news, videos, texts, and other infos, please visit  ONIROSCOPE

PàSTA! Déformation d'un rêve latinoamericain

live animation cinema composed on latinoamerican imagery

tuia cherici - objetcs, animation, camera
manolo cedron - bandoneon, objects, voice
felipe léon - saxophones, voice

Démonstration du pourquoi on est tous bâtis comme des montagnes

Artistic Residency at Haekem Thêatre in Brussels 
-Solo project-
Tuia Cherici : voice, text, objects, camera, projection


TAKAKO SUZUKI - (Sasha Waltz Company) dancer, coreographer
TUIA CHERICI - Manucinema
MASAHIKO UEJI - pianist, composer
improvisational site-specific performances of music, real-time camera projection and movement

 the set´s frame is transforming from moment to moment : expanding, reducing, moving from one corner to the other, according to the space´s resources.
Masahiko´s improvisation on piano lead the character (rythm,mood,tension) of the process
Reacting on music Takako move and act in the space revealing  surfaces, plans, objects, holes, angles and perspectives of that space (including audience, backstage, piano and objects).
Those matters activate a handanimation-cinema     projection adapted in real-time to the different  frames.
TMT from tuia cherici on Vimeo.

Jacques Demierre  (pianist and composer) and Tuia Cherici

A live exploration of the object "Piano" as unpredictacble landscape for Tuia's real-time manipulation:
her visionary objects and tools are disseminated into the piano and animate through the percussive vibrations of the wild, immense music improvised by Jacques Demierre. The two artists play on, into, around and over the piano while a real-time projection allows the audience to enter the piano as a new dimension. Performed for the first time at RueDuNordFestival in march 2013 (Switzerland)

 "Nido "  by Chia-Yin Ling
Concept, Dance and Stage: Chia-Yin Ling
Dance: Imre Thormann
Music: Hugues Vincent / Polo Vincent
Voice: Sylvia Fichtl
Real-Time Camera and Projection: Tuia Cherici
Light: Wanja Ostrower

"Nido" : with Imre Thormann and Chia Yin Lin (Regensburg, march 2013)

"Nido" : with  Chia Yin Lin  and ImreThormann (Regensburg, march 2013)